Explaining Science with Art

Short Documentaries

The story of your innovative workflow or your cutting edge technology told through a documentary type of video which could include interviews and, 3D generated graphics, motion graphics, and other type of content.

Scientific Visualization

Computer generated visualizations representing a visual interpretation of your content in 3D graphics or animated motion graphics. This service can be separate, or as part of a short scientific documentary.

Explainer Videos

2D animated motion graphics including illustrations and graphs explaining a process or telling a story with help of a voice-off or text.

Science Stories

A Finnish based Startup company established by a team of scientists and filmmakers on February 2018. Science Stories offers graphic design and video production services with a focus on explaining science and complicated processes. Our mission is to understand your message and to translate it into a language that everybody understands.
Our purpose is to make advertising through educative content and consequently promote science and knowledge. We offer you the possibility to create content that is scientific and educative, and thus, more likely watchable and highly shareable.

Meet The Team

Mounir Ould Setti

CEO - Doctor of Medicine & Filmmaker

Tarek Maache

Business Development - Doctor of Medicine

Onsku Franck

Artist - Graphic Designer

Why Science Stories?

  • Authentic Stories
  • Educative Videos
  • Scientific Oriented
  • Shareable Content
  • Inspiring Videos
  • Simplifying Complications
  • 3D Visualizations
  • Featuring Evidence

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